Commercial & Supply Chain Requirements

To work with WBA Global Sourcing suppliers must agree to our commercial requirements and have the responsibility to ensure the continuity of product supply and availability.

Commercial & Supply Chain
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Key Commercial Requirements

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All suppliers are required to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to inclusion in any part of the sourcing process. Confidential information, including a new product brief, will not be shared until this agreement is in place.

Commercial Requirements
Anti-Courruption, Bribery, & Conflicts of Interest

We conduct business with honesty and integrity. The WBA Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy articulates the prohibition against bribery and other improper payments in all forms, directly or indirectly, regardless of differing business cultures and traditions in the various locations it conducts business. As a supplier, your compliance with our policy is non-negotiable.

Supplier Financial Due Diligence Check

It’s important we understand the financial health of the suppliers we work with, both new and existing. On a regular basis, we'll request you to provide us with certain information and documentation to enable us to perform due diligence checks. We are unable to work with suppliers who do not provide the requested information.

Supplier Agreements
To work with us, you must agree to, and sign, our contracts. We’ll share these with you as part of the onboarding process.
Supplier Agreement Descriptions

If you provide merchandise to Walgreens, we'll ask you to agree to, and sign, our Master Sourcing and Trading Agreement (MSTA). The below list, though not exhaustive, provides an example of the information contained within this contract: 

  • Sale and purchase of merchandise
  • Delivery of merchandise
  • Term and termination
  • Obligations and compliance
  • Returns and credit

If you provide merchandise to Boots or No7 Beauty Company, we'll ask you to agree to, and sign, our Supply Agreement (SA). Examples, though not exhaustive, of the information included in the Supply Agreement are listed below: 

  • Supply obligations
  • Intellectual property
  • Representatives and warranties
  • Term and termination
  • Electronic payment terms and conditions
  • Insurance requirements
Supply Chain Requirements

Suppliers have overall responsibility in ensuring continuity of product supply and availability. You can discover more about the requirements of the businesses we work with through the links below.

Walgreens Supplier Net

SupplierNet is the main channel through which we communicate with suppliers of Walgreens merchandise. It contains company policies, procedures, and supplier performance metrics.

Boots & No7 Beauty Company Suppliers

If you provide merchandise to Boots or No7 Beauty Company, the Boots Supplier Manual outlines the essential information you need to know.